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Ready to Buy is an e-commerce platform with a conceptually new approach to online shopping.

Ready to Buy supports local businesses. That is why our advanced filter system allows our clients to search for vendors in their countries, regions and cities. With the help of our site you can find and buy products near you. Thus, you can support local businesses, choose to pick up the purchase yourself, thereby saving time and money on delivery, and in case of a dispute, contact the vendor directly.

Ready to buy has exceptional resources for promotion and advertising - resources that are unavailable to many platforms. Our platform is based on a network of distributors. Therefore, promotion of the platform and its products takes place through the referral system. Any expert in the field of advertising and marketing will tell you that word of mouth is one of the most effective ways of promotion. There are thousands of distributors registered in our system who are themselves interested in promoting the platform.

Ready to Buy provides exciting opportunities to our clients. You can request a special product or offer with the «Ready to Buy» option. Sometimes a customer is prepared to spend a certain amount of money on a certain product. The vendor, on the other hand, may have this exact product, for instance, left in just one size and is willing to sell it with a big discount. Our platform helps these two interested parties find each other. The client can place a request for purchasing a product for a specific price. If the vendor is satisfied with the listed amount, they can prepare a special offer for this client.

Ready to Buy has a unique internal system of Customer Units (CU). This system allows special offers, discounts and exciting opportunities to be created for both our clients and vendors.

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