For sellers

If you want to place your goods or services on our platform, in this section you will find useful information on the advantages of Ready to buy.


First of all, cooperating with Ready to Buy allows you to create your own online shop and sell goods and services through the internet. On our platform you can sell items in the general catalog, as well as create your own online shop with a logo and description and place your goods there.

The platform uses a system of referral invitations. If, considering the reality of present-day, your existing clients prefer to shop online you can provide them with your referral link for a quick registration. A special client link with a gift of 20 USD, which can be partially used for making purchases on the platform, can provide additional benefits and motivation to your clients to buy your goods specifically on the platform.

You can also increase the number of your clients through the use of the link with a 20 USD gift: it is profitable for your clients to invite their friends and family to the platform, since for each invited person they can receive 20 USD for making purchases on Ready to Buy.

Moreover, if the clients registered via your referral link also make purchases from other vendors on the platform you may be able to receive a commission for their purchases, thus providing yourself with an additional income.


Ready to buy differs from other similar trading platforms in that it cooperates with a large number of platform partners* who can under certain conditions promote your products.

On our platform, you do not need to do any additional advertising. You just need to get the platform partners interested, and then they may be able to promote your goods or services for you.

The platform partners are interested as they receive commission from sales based on the compensation plan. н You are the one who determines the percentage of commission that you are willing to pay as a reward for selling your goods or services.

The more commission you offer, the more the platform partners will be interested in selling your goods and the more actively they will promote them. Therefore, you will be able to attract more attention of the platform partners, and consequently, get more potential clients.

Cooperating with Ready to Buy you will also have the opportunity to get access to the information, materials and instructions intended to make the process of selling goods and services, as well as running your business on the platform as simple and efficient as possible.

To obtain the above-mentioned advantages certain conditions may need to be fulfilled. You can learn more about cooperating with Ready to Buy by registering on the website or by asking the platform partner who invited you to the platform.