For partners

To earn money on the Ready to Buy platform, you need to be a partner of the platform, build a network and create a turnover.

Benefits for buyers

To build and develop a network, you simply need to invite people to the platform. To invite someone, once you have registered, send them your referral link from the Partners section of your Personal Office.

Just as you did, the people you invite will register on the website of our trading platform, enter into a contract and then gain access to their Personal Office. The people you invite may take up different roles on the platform:

clients – buying goods and services on the platform. We have great profitable offers. vendors – selling goods and services on the platform and registering (“digitizing”) their customers. For vendors cooperating with Ready to Buy is an opportunity to start selling their products on the internet using the platform’s tools. buyer - to buy goods and services on the site. We have conditions for them with great benefit. partners – inviting clients, vendors and other partners.

If you plan to build and develop a network on a professional level, you need to purchase one of the "Partner Packages". "Partner Packages" are designed for people who wish to obtain useful information, knowledge, skills and tools that may help in developing their business and network.

What makes up turnover?

To buy something on the platform, the user must have funds in their CU account. All money used to top up CU accounts in your network goes into your turnover.


For any turnover in your network, you will receive commissions in accordance with the compensation plan. There are several types of commissions that you can receive from your cooperation with the platform.


Quick bonus (commissions from orders in your First Tier)

For any order payment made by your first tier, you will get 30% of the US dollar order amount


Monthly (commissions from all orders in your network)

At the end of the month, the turnover from all orders made in your network is summed up. From this turnover, you will receive commission based on the qualification you have achieved.

Commission payments based on qualifications range from 9% to 45%. You do not need to make monthly personal purchases to receive a commission. With simple and clear qualifications, you can plan your career growth, and hence financial well-being. Additionally, a number of special programs is offered to active partners. After registering on our website You will be able to find More details and examples of the terms and conditions for receiving commission.