For clients

Ready to buy is a conceptually new e-commerce platform focused on working with small and medium-sized businesses.

This means that by buying goods and services on our platform, in most cases, you will purchase them directly from the business owner and manufacturer, which often makes purchases more profitable.


Have you ever heard stories about how people ordered carpets for the living room on online platforms, but received mouse pads, and clothes and shoes bought on the Internet did not match the pictures at all?

Moreover, our platform has built a constant communication system between vendors, platform partners and clients, in which the vendor's reputation plays an important role in attracting clients.

Currently, our platform has representatives in over one hundred countries (the number of countries is constantly growing, and you can check the exact number with the platform partners). Thus, the platform acquires vendors and shops, where you can purchase goods and services of local manufacturers, designers and craftsmen from different countries. The number of vendors and shops on the platform is constantly growing, as well as the range of goods and services offered.

Thus, shops and sellers appear on the site from which you can purchase goods. and services of local manufacturers, designers, artisans from different countries. The number of sellers and stores on site constantly is growing, as is the range of goods and services offered.

Ready to buy has a unique system of internal CUs (Customer Units), which allows you to make purchases on more favorable terms. The CU rate grows in accordance with the increase in the number of clients on the site: the more registered users, topics Your purchases can be more profitable.

The platform also uses the system of referral invitations. By inviting your friends to become Ready to Buy clients, you can make your own purchases even more profitable.

You can learn more about this system by registering on the site or by asking questions to the partner site that invited take you to the platform.