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Usackiene Rasa


These days more like ever before, we are all wearing some kind of mask in one way or another, depending on our circumstances.
But when God created a man He gave man eyes to see - a mirror of the soul. And regardless of the color, eyes can be loving, patient, full of joy or sadness, reflecting courage or despair, anger or fear. And any mask is unable to hide it.
"There is nothing concealed that

will not be disclosed or hidden that will not be made known." Luke 12:2

Original Oil painting on canvas 2021
Size: 45x60cm (18x24in)
Signed: Yes
Framing: Unframed
Stretched Canvas: Yes
Materials: Oil, Canvas
Prints of different sizes are available as well.
Ships from: United Kingdom
Free Shipping just in the UK.
Payment via Paypal is also acceptable.
Colors might be slightly different due to different screen color settings.

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About vendor

My name is Rasa Usackienė. I am a self-taught artist in the field of oil painting. I am originally from Lithuania and live in London, UK. Drawing has been my passion since childhood, but my parents didn’t encourage me to take an interest in the arts because they wanted me to become a professional in more traditional fields, so it so happened that I stopped drawing for many years and buried my dream of becoming an artist. It wasn’t until November 2019 that painting on canvas appeared in my life very unexpectedly and my passion for painting came back in a completely different light. I draw inspiration not only from the urban space and its bustle but also from the light and natural beauty. I also discover ideas of a very abstract nature in my dreams or meditations. Bold strokes, unique technique, positive energy, and serenity - all this accompanies modern and contemporary paintings of mine, which can perfectly decorate the interior of your home and color everyday life :)