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Подарок. Счастливая кукла. Ручная работа.

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Подарок. Замечательная работа. Интерьерная кукла.Очень приятно с ней играть. Отличное украшение интерьера.
Рост 55 сантиметров.Текстиль. Волосы из настоящего парика. Жилетка натуральный козий мех. Обувь исполнена на заказ. Единственный экземпляр.

Gift. Remarkable work. Interior doll. It’s very nice to play with it . Excellent interior decoration.
Height 55 centimeters.Textile. Hair fro

m a real wig. Vest natural goat fur. Shoes are made to order. Sin

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“Вещи ручной работы – это роскошь. Иметь их каждому совсем не обязательно. Тот, кто хочет их иметь, делает их сам или платит мастеру за его труд.”Коко Шанель "Handmade items are a luxury. Everyone doesn’t have to have them. The one who wants them makes them himself or pays the master for his work."Coco Chanel The two most vivid emotions that a person can experience in life are happiness and surprise, but the older a person gets, the less often these two States visit him. Going to our salon You can find things that will make you remember the happy moments of Your life and plunge into the world of perfect fantasy. Unique Souvenirs, amazing interior items, unusual tea and coffee tables, " amulets” and simply, long-forgotten children’s toys – everything is made with the soul and great love! We are waiting for you with LOVE!